The Two-Trackers Four Wheel Drive Club, Incorporated is a membership run non-profit organization. The Club is managed by an elected Board of Directors. Elections are held just prior to the annual term which runs from March through February. The Board’s actions represent what they believe to be in the best interest of the Club and comes from the feedback presented at the membership meetings and from discussions taking place at the Board Meetings. While discussions provide the framework for actions and the direction of the Club, it is the Club’s By-Laws that are the rules for the Club’s Board and membership. Though there are several rules, the most important rules are those for the safety of the event participants and the environment.

What We Are:

  • A 4WD trail riding organization located in West Michigan since 1974.
  • A 4WD club that is family oriented.
  • A 4WD club that organizes a number of trail rides, voluntary forest clean-ups and charitable events each year.
  • A 4WD club where all runs are alcohol-free.
  • A 4WD club where any make or model of 4WD is welcome.

What We Drive:

  • 4×4’s with a properly secured winch point (i.e. Towhooks).
  • Primarily vehicles equipped with winches (not required, but preferred over tow straps).
  • Mostly short wheel-based vehicles due to their off-road nimbleness.
  • Vehicles that are road legal and road-worthy as paved roads connect the off-road portions of our runs.

The Club does not condone the use of “snatch straps” except for the most minor of extractions. Children are frequently in attendance and safety will not be compromised! Winching is slower but the additional safety afforded is beyond measure. A winch is not required for participation but can not be over recommended.

Where We Drive:

  • On established, open, and legally driveable public (or private with permission) land.
  • Primarily in the upper Lower Peninsula of Michigan, with some out of state runs.
  • On some trails that are more difficult – you may wish you had oversized tires, lift kit and/or locked differential.
  • On trails where in many cases tough obstacles have go-rounds (See the trail leader for more specifics on particular trails).

United Four Wheel Drive Associations, Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition

Tread Lightly! Program

Blue Lake Township Adopt-A-Road Program
Cedar Creek Township Adopt-A-Road Program
Holton Township Adopt-A-Road Program
Manistee National Forest Adopt-A-Forest Program
Michigan Coalition for Clean Forests

Contact Info

Email:  membership@twotrackers.org